miercuri, martie 26, 2008

encore une fois? no,thank you

stop and stare..but don't stare too hard 'cuz your eyes might sore from all the insanity around.
people..i reckon i am surrounded by people.all sorts of people.i'm not gonna remind you all the categories of people,i'm sure you've already met at least one of each kind.and in case you haven't,i'm sure you will.

today,i'd like to contradict myself.i usually say i love the world i love in,it's diversity that makes it unique and i fancy that this diversity never gets me bored.well,as usual,it had to backfire.
i was watching the 5 o'clock news (accidentally,i usually don't watch tv) and the first thing esca bursts out of her large mouth was something about a woman getting beat up by her husband,somewhere in a small village of our beloved country.nothing unusual,i think to myself.then,queue the footage with images recorded with a cellphone.
i never wanted to throw up so badly in my entire life.the images weren't graphic and nothing out of the ordinary....but the impact.i turned off the tv and decided it was high time for me to go running(i recently started jogging).and i ran(no more than forrest gump,don't worry).thoughts were speeding through my head and tears came streaming down my face.it's not just that news on tv,but everything has piled up and it had no place else to go but my face.i wanted to shout so loud,to deafen everybody.i just can't stand it any more.

i understand people are likely to disappoint you.what hurts the most is the fact that when you least expect it,people you care about manage to tear you apart and leave you with your mouth half-opened in amaze.when you can't seem to find someone to talk to and cry out from the top of your lungs but only on the inside,cuz nobody listens to you,you start to wonder if is it ok to love this fucked up world?is it just fine to carry on living in the same shitty society which is guided only by the most deceiving appearances?if not,what is there to do?nothing...

these wake-up calls are just flashes of sanity which don't move us enough to take a stand.this world suits so fine for the majority,that the minority has to shut up and put up with it.ironically,they start to enjoy it at some point and forget how outraged they used to be and don't even give a shit anymore.
today,i am disgusted by everything that's wrong around me.i usually am,but today i reached that point when i couldn't play along and had to express the anger i have in me.

yep,i sure did change the world with this post.i most certainly stopped wife beating,world hunger,human trafficking,robberies,bribe giving and taking.i must have made made humans more kind,loving,caring,honest,giving,peaceful and so on.if i wanted to do that,i wouldn't have wrote a post.
i just had to take it off my chest and since i have a blog..well you can do the maths too.

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mai,ma sperii cu posturile astea.adica nu ma sperie, dar ma lasa cu gura cascaaaata :D